FSX Carrier Ops

FSX Multiplayer Carrier Ops Session Info - Please read ALL the HELP sections. You will save yourself a LOT of time.

 WEAPONS by MUTUAL CONSENT ONLY !!       LAN Direct Connect  IP    (TacPack Enabled)  

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 Direct Connect :

    TeamSpeak3 :

You may fly anywhere in the world.    Military Aircraft Only.

Select- Muli-player & Local network (LAN).  Enter your Player Name & Sign In.

Select- Connect Directly.Enter IP Address.  Click- Find Sessions.

Theater of Operations: Varied.  Server set @  Rio de Janeiro Brazil Area 

                       Session is currently   

  Active FSX Direct Connect Sessions provided by FSPOpen 

   MINIMUM Age 16+   -Mlitary aircraft only-  TeamSpeak3 and Mic REQUIRED. 

Please, DO NOT USE Dino's S3B Viking in session.

PLEASE !!!    NO SMOKE - NO AEROBATICS - NO Airshow Blue Angels (1-7) Aircraft - NO Civilian Aircraft.

This "unique" session is for Carrier and Military Ops.
It is NOT a "free flight" session. 
There are additional add ons and scenery required.

 Please read ALL the HELP sections.  
  You will save yourself a LOT of time. 
There are rules/regulations... they are enforced.
TeamSpeak usage is for Pilots flying in our session only.

 MUST USE your GameSpy ID in TeamSpeak !

Session is PASSWORD protected.
Session password is in the TeamSpeak
"FSX Carrier Ops" Chat Box (above the big "A")

FSX Session "Voice" disabled / Chat box is NOT used.
(Additional info every 5 mins. in the FSX Chat Box)

NEW to this session or need TeamSpeak software,  see [HERE]
IF you were ejected from the session, please see [HERE] 
This site is dedicated to help those flying in the FSX Carriers Ops - FSX multiplayer session.

HELP / FAQ section
.......... How To / Session Add Ons
LINKS section..................... Programs / Add Ons
PHOTOS section................ Carrier pattern








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